The Daily Design #03

The Daily Design #03

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Micah Lindley
·Feb 14, 2020·

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Well, I’m glad you’re back after yesterday’s disappointment of a design. But still, welcome back to the Daily Design, where I take previous designs that I’ve made and break them down for you!


Title: My Branding

Date: October 11, 2019

Fonts: Big John

Story: Before this, I didn’t have an established branding and I definitely wanted one. For about three years, I would used a combined M and L to identify myself on papers and other junk and that was my inspiration for this logo.

Principles: Flat is probably the most important principle in this design. It really makes an iconic design that can be easily replicated in multiple media types, colors, and sizes. Good flat design also requires a bright and distinct color. I chose hex code #FF3A3A, a bright shade of red with a slightly decreased saturation. Fun fact: if you’re reading this on my blog, that’s the color of the header! Another way I emphasized the design was using a black underlay. This produces a slightly three-dimensional effect without sacrificing the simplicity of flat design. Finally, I used a very bold and geometric font, Big John. It’s fat, bright, and easily readable, creating a slightly playful but timeless style.

I hope you’ll join me soon for the next Daily Design! 🤘

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