The Daily Design #02

The Daily Design #02

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Welcome back to the second edition of the Daily Design, where I take one of my past designs and break it down for you! Enough chitchat, let’s get to today’s design.


Title: Towers

Date: October 10, 2019

Fonts: Modified Ostrich Sans Heavy

Story: To be honest, this design really embarrasses me. I’m a big fan of isometric designs, but I’d never created one before. This is my first dabble in iso, and I don’t think it’s my thing.

Principles: Well, not much going on here. My color selection was poor and the shapes are not precise. The principle here is isometric, which is essentially like looking at a design from a 3D, rotated perspective. If I ever do isometric again, I’ll definitely improve my concept of shadows and light. The sides of my buildings and trees are just random shades; I never established which direction light should be coming from. All in all, this is not a very good design.

So that wasn’t very interesting. Maybe I’ll have a better and more interesting design tomorrow... 😉

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