Flow, a CSS framework for lazy developers

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So developers, right? We love to have all of our minuscule programming projects. Many web devs (not me, I love CSS and design) prefer to link to a CSS library like Materialize, Bootstrap, or Bulma. Unfortunately, these libraries are often large and can significantly slow down a web page's performance.

That's why I'm working on FlowCSS, a minimal framework for simple dev projects. Flow isn't designed to be a competitor to the big-name libraries. It's meant to be a fast-loading, tiny framework for small projects that you just don't want to look horrible.

If you want to include Flow in your side project, just put it in your HTML page's head:

<link href="https://cdn.micahlindley.com/flowcss/light/mostrecent.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Plus, it's got light and dark variants, for this world where everyone wants dark mode! 🌚😎 Just replace the part of the url that says light with the word dark and it'll automatically switch! I appreciate any feedback you have, and please let me know what components you'd like me to support in the future!

If you want to see Flow in action without using it first, check out https://cdn.micahlindley.com/flowcss.

Comments (2)

Caleb Pickens's photo

Wow! I love the idea! By the way, the webpage with the CDN has a link to your GitHub repository. When you hover over the link, at first glance it looks as if you are adding padding and changing the background and looks really cool, until you hover over the word "repository". It expands and moves the word to the next line, which results in you not hovering over it, so it removes the padding, but then this problem repeats causing it to be mostly unreadable (it's probably because of my media size and it can't fit another word, but I'm just letting you know). Also, the link to the repository isn't in commission. I think you may have changed your username on GitHub because most of your links from your website to GitHub don't work. I'm just letting you know. I hope you find it helpful!

Micah Lindley's photo

Yep, there are still some glitches. The repository should be right... I haven’t changed my username. I’ll check.